Free Curriculum

Unit 1: Basic Pre-K

DSC_0157Unit 1 is a PDF of over 130 pages, to begin structured learning for your student. Your child does not need to know the letters, numbers, or how to write. This is the first step of learning, which will teach your student to recognize and say the letters, numbers, colors, and shapes, as well as how to count to twenty and how to begin writing. Check it out here!

Unit 2: Letter Sounds


This 75 page extension of Pre-K reading should be done after the student has done or tested through Unit 1 and knows the letters, but does not need to be able to write them. This program teaches the student which sounds are associated with each letter. Check it out here!

Unit 3: Beginning Writing

screenshot u3

Unit 3 Reviews the letters and letter sounds and introduces writing. There are several worksheets for each letter, plus review worksheets. Check it out here!

Unit 4: Word Families

word wheels

Unit 4 is suitable for Pre-K or Kindergarten level reading, as long as the student knows the letters and can write them. This 72 page unit teaches your student how to blend letter sounds and recognize word families to read three letter words. Check it out here!

Unit 5: Sight Words


Unit 5 teaches the student to memorize and read kindergarten-level high frequency words. After this unit, the student will be reading full sentences with high frequency words as well as word-families, questions, names, dialogue, and more. Check it out here!